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What's going on? I can't ACCESS MY MESSAGES! [Page Not Found]


Mod Note: Apparently this issue is affecting multiple users. Feel free to read this thread for suggestions. The forum team has forwarded a link to staff as well but that is all we can report at this time.

Anyone else having issues?
Clicking on the messages tab it says This page is no longer available.

This page is No longer available
Not Opening Message Box

Phew! I’m able to access messages via the direct link:
clicking on the dashboard (messages) tab is still a no-go.


Working for me. But, I wanna hover the mouse, don’t click. :confused:


What browser are you using?


I always use Chrome. :wink:
Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)


Okie Dokie… Thanks! :relaxed:



Please note that this thread has been pinned to let others know that the issue is happening to others. Contact Customer Support if you cannot find a workaround before it is fixed. Recommended things to try include the use of this link:

Message problem
"Message" menu item is not working [CLOSED]