What's Going On With Custom Offers?


As a novelist, my long projects are often better handled with custom offers, which I have been using successfully. Today, I tried to raise one for a standard amount which I use all the time $30 for 3000 words. But whenever I typed in a 3, it jumped it to a 5. Despite numerous attempts, this kept happening. I even thought of doing two for $15, but the 1 jumped to a 5. Is there a new minimum or something that I haven’t heard about or this a bug? If anyone has any clue, I’d be grateful for the help!


This should be resolved now, if you have any trouble please contact the support team here : http://support.fiverr.com


That’s a new one to me. I’ll definitely be following this thread.


Thanks, I should be attempting to raise another one soon so I’ll keep you posted on what happens.


Yep, the number issue is resolved. It took two attempts to send, but all seems to be fine now. Thanks for helping.