What's going on with the page ranking?


Hello all ,
I was in the first page in the category ( Best selling )
and now everything changes , i see that people who has just 10 sales are in the first page
somebody know what’s going on ?


Nothing is “going on”, this is merely how Fiverr works. The ratings are dynamic, based upon your actions and success as a seller, and then, in addition to that, Fiverr mixes things up so that the same sellers do not remain at the top of the listings indefinitely.

You don’t deserve to be on the first page of the listings – you EARN that placement.


Sir apologize but you are very aggressive when you discuss … :expressionless:

i was in the first page for more than 5 months , and some others sellers also the top rated seller , this is why i’m asking !


No - just blunt! :wink:

Fiverr doesn’t stay the same (dynamic) so what was on the front page last week may not be there today etc.


Fiverr’s results are dynamic. They rotate gigs at regular intervals so that they keep them sales coming in.


Hello, this happens routinely on fiverr and is nothing to be alarmed about. They rotate gigs a lot and sometimes give preference to newer sellers. It will change back again soon.


Thank you ^^ i have one more question , what about orders ? i still get some orders like i was or i have to send some buyer requests ?


You will have to manage your gigs like a business. Research your target customers, discover where they are located, think of creative ways to reach out to those customers, and market and promote your services. Work hard, and you could be rewarded for the level of work you put into your gigs. You’re not going to be successful by sitting back and waiting for things to fall into place. Things change – business changes – it is always changing, whether you like it or not. YOU need to take action – be a doer – make things happen.

You need to earn your sales. They aren’t going to magically appear just because you want them to. So, yes, you will have to make some changes in order to earn more sales.

YOU are responsible for your own success. Get out there and find those customers!

Good luck!