What's going on with the SEO title?


So there I was, tinkering with my gig’s settings, when I suddenly noticed that the SEO title looked kinda weird…
Ok, I’m not entirely sure this is a bug but still, it looks strange to me and I hope someone can enlighten me on what is going on :confused:


You can use Tagline of your work.


Hey @ahmedghumro, that’s exactly what I did. However, when I came back it looked like this…


It’s one of the few bugs introduced after this recent maintenance. Just re-edit it and it will be all good.


Hi, its not a bug but just a back end tags which are showing on your SEO title. You just need to write a short line as your SEO title. If you are seeing those commas while editing, just delete them and write your title.


Thank you @binnys18303 :slight_smile: