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Whats good about your day today?

Hello everyone
Share what you have done good today, even a smallest of act? :slight_smile:



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Why do you want to know this? And what does it have to do with the forum, “Your Fiverr Experience”?

Maybe he was trying to say “anything good that happened today which is Fiverr related,” so that could count as the Fiverr experience category??
I guess it does fit under the “conversation” section but I think we can let that slide :slight_smile:

Anything Fiverr related that was good today…I finished a 2000 word file, I think that counts. Outside Fiverr, I got some smoked sausages from a friend and that some of that for lunch and daaaaamn it was good!


Nothing happen to me. How can I tell you, something goes fairly with me without selling or receive any single message from buyer?:disappointed_relieved:

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Help a person with his bags. This section is for fiverr experience, please move this to conversation category


:smile: great to hear that.
keep it up.

Thanks buddy, just did.
and keep on helping. Best of luck :+1:

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:grinning:just waiting for buyers replies ,new tasks will start shortly
and for now i have done breakfast ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Best of luck :slight_smile:

thanks …you tell what good you have done today or will do ?:grinning:


hmm, good question…

Well, Alhamdulillah, had my breakfast on time, I mean early morning :wink:
working on 2 projects, not on Fiverr but on another…
did some grocery shopping for my wife and hope to find someone later in the day so I can help him somehow. :slight_smile:


Masha Allah :+1: Have a nice day

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