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Whats handpicked gig means?

Hello my fellow fiverr sellers,

I am Abro_Design
This is my profile link :
I am here on fiverr for 45days.
As you all might have idea of handpicked gig by fiverr…i dnt know what does it means…can you please tell me what does it means ? and if its meaning is recommended by fiverr so how a gig is handpicked by fiverr ?
thank you in advance

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I haven’t seen it mention “handpicked by Fiverr” but if it’s related to the “Rising Talent” badge or another name for that, this has more info:

I imagine that it doesn’t rule out an initial algorithm finding the gigs that match the required criteria (eg. delivering on time, avoiding cancellations, being responsive etc.) but any final selection will be done by one of the Fiverr team manually selecting gigs for the badge.


thank you so much…this is realy helpful