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What's happened to the forums in recent times?

Is it me possibly getting tired and jaded, or has the standard of questions and responses here in the forum significantly deteriorated in recent months?

I suspect what I’m writing won’t prove popular with some readers, but the majority of posts at the moment appear to be from lazy people who aren’t prepared to invest time in research, or else from ill-informed people offering very poor guidance.

The interesting questions and informative answers that used to dominate on the forums are being drowned out. It’s such a shame. I’ve started to log in less because of it.

I’m paraphrasing slightly here, but I’ve just seen a post saying ‘new seller, what do I do?’ Really? Seriously? I’m not even tempted to try and help this person.


Press X to doubt.

There was a recent influx of meksells, but the forums were never that good to begin with.


I hear you. :sweat_smile:
Every now and then I will reply to those posts, but I do get the feeling
recently they are increasing.
Those types of posts have been around for quite some time, but not this much.
I got a good amount of useful information back in the day, and I still do
every now and then though, thankfully.

Maybe I’ll start a random fun/silly post just to change things…
A while ago I started a “what was your childhood trauma movie?” thread
and it was quite fun.


A great many people here mute “my fiverr gigs” and “improve my gig” (not moderators, obvs!), where most of those type of posts end up. You could try doing the same.

The forum is not a kindergarten - those who won’t even read the help files and terms of service are unlikely to stick around, since they’re unlikely to get any orders.

Be patient. Mute categories if they annoy you. Things will improve …


Leave those threads to the “Post your gig on social media and stay online 24 hours” people, then two groups of forum users are served, the ones who like to ask and the ones who like to answer such questions.

As was pointed out, muting some categories might improve your forum browsing experience, I certainly notice very quickly when I look at the forum while not logged in (nothing muted) vs logged in (2 categories muted), maybe try it out and see if it’s better.
Of course, many people also post in the wrong categories (which I used to help with when trust level whatever users still could move posts, but that doesn’t work anymore), so it’s not that easy to avoid them, but it helps.

That’s just about the muting, or about the forum restructuring? I still see the banner that it’s being worked on since whenever but didn’t notice any changes so far.


We’ve had a huge influx of new “sellers” - it started in the new year, followed by a tsunami from March onwards.

Most of those sellers will never sell anything, will come here to whine for a while … and then disappear over time. That’s what I meant.

Me either.


In fairness, I didn’t realise that it was possible to mute categories. I will look at doing so.

The forums can be interesting, but the quality of posts has nose-dived in recent times.

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I’ve noticed a significant amount of those “new sellers” also post a complaint on the forum, or demand help from “experienced sellers only”, and then never respond to the topics they started. They seem to be expecting a solution, but don’t want to be part of the solutions that are offered. Sellers like this aren’t interested in becoming better sellers… they just want a quick answer that will make them instantly wealthy. As the rest of us know, that is neither how Fiverr, nor the forum works.

I’ve come to learn that it’s pretty easy to spot the sellers who truly want to become successful (i.e., the sellers that want to be SELLERS), and those who are just asking questions, hoping to be given the answer by people who will do everything for them.


I’ve chosen to stay off a lot of these ‘make money’ websites for quite some time. I was on Wattpad, a free user website, at the time, when all the mainstream people started to arrive. I’d been on Wattpad for a year, prior to that and so I directly experienced the change. It’s a bit daunting.

I was also on Minds a good while back. I did a lot of rooting around as to how management worked. (That’s a kind of ‘make money’ website; it’s been ‘starting up’ for a while.) Damn if I didn’t see some real crappy behaviour from management.

You gotta watch that. Management OR users.

I wasn’t sure what I’d find here. All the gigs ads, currently, look the same so I thought I’d check out for signs of life on the forum.

I’ve also just come from YouTube. I realize now that Freelancer and guru are the older versions of this idea. Upwork and Fiverr charge users 20 percent. They charge MUCH less on the older freelance websites.

Continued success to you here. And hey, I get to find out I can mute categories at the same time as you.

Somewhat unrelated. I like Bitchute.

Thank you.