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What's Happening in the UK?

So many big political careers and reputations that took a lifetime to build have been destroyed over the past 2 weeks in the UK…

  1. Prime Minister David Cameron - out of his job and maybe out of politics
  2. Jeremy Corbyn - Very close to losing his job, entire party against him
  3. Boris Johnson - Had an epic meltdown after Brexit, political career over?
  4. Michael Gove - Seen as a treacherous villain, no chance of becoming PM
  5. Nigel Farage - He set the fire, and has now quit politics, or says he will
  6. Now, the biggest name of all, Tony Blair, he has been officially confirmed as a war criminal by the Chilcot Report (well maybe not the exact words, but’s the gist of it.) He is now probably the most hated man in the UK. Will he go to prison? Who knows?

Just a year back, when Cameron had won a majority in the general election, UK looked like the most stable country in Europe, politically and economically. Now, it’s in a complete mess. Lesson - don’ take anything for granted! Life can change just like that.

David Cameron won no majority, he just won a crappy electoral system.

Anyone could have told you that Brexit would be a rolling disaster for the UK. At least we’ve got Chilcot to obsess over now. It’s not about taking anything for granted, it’s about not whipping up the dumb plebs into a frenzy about a pointless advisory referendum, unleashing the xenophobic racist beast and then having the two parties collapse due to internal fighting, David Cameron being a usual idiot and running away rather than sticking to his promises, the right-wing elements of the Labour party turning on Corbyn (which appears to be backfiring–good) and Jesus. Corbyn has a huge groundswell of support as the sole voice against the neoliberal consensus in the main 3 parties, and I believe has presided over the biggest growth in Labour party membership. Corbyn isn’t to blame for the Labour implosion–Blairites are (and Blair’s PR firm was working with the media to architect a lot of this).

I haven’t got around to reading about Chilcot yet. Just read some headlines. But you know, I could have told you most of what would happen as a result of this illegal invasion back in 2003-4.

It’s all bullshit. Anyway, we’re not leaving the EU. Didn’t you see what backstabber Gove was talking about the other day? Getting trade deals with Yurp? God help us all. If the thick plebs want to be independent and live in a Britain untarnished by foreigners, the first thing they need to do is form a nice mob and storm Westminster.

Did I mention I met a Czech British immigrant the other week? He’s 70. Moved to the UK after WWII. I thought he would have an interesting perspective. Turned out that he’s the “right” sort of immigrant and it’s those “effing p***is” who ruined it all.

I stopped talking to him after that. That’s the level of discourse I’ve found along with “take Britain back!” (from what, you moron?).

All in all, you really need to stop reading the Telegraph and stop chortling at antics. It’s a shitrag. Go and read some proper news sources and realize that this is all IRL house of cards. No next PM is a good candidate. It says a lot when I wish Call me Dave would stay on. May is one of our worst home secretaries ever, the less said about Blondie the better, Gove, Fox and the others… who?


Just based on what I see from my English friends´ lives, they seem to be doing just fine with whatever politics situation going on nowadays. All English people I know in person are nice and kind people, so I hope they will remain fine.

Many are not.

Writer, you insist–despite being an 80s baby–that you know how it was in the UK in the 70s, based on book learnin’, you encourage Brits to vote Bremain because it might hurt the Indian economy, and you have several live-in servants.

You are that kind of Indian.

The fallout will take longer than a week or two to materialize. Yet I can’t criticize Modi for wearing an ego-wa-k suit, go figure.

EDIT: maybe not live-in, but you have servants, who you pay shit wages to despite constantly mentioning what an expensive city you live in. You knew you would be called out on this one day, so don’t take this personally, as I don’t mean it personally. I just want you to stop and consider what you say.

The UK is the new Greece, just from the other side of the spectrum. We’ll be treated kinder as we’re more important than a bunch of tax-cheating lazy asshats. Thing is, I see those people work their butts off and get destroyed regardless. Does seem to be some hope for the pernicious Juncker getting dumped (oh boy, check out his history) so it might not all be bad.

Perfidious Albion doesn’t work when the plebs have a say. They’re just thick racists.

We are seeing the end of civilization as we have known it. Not just in the UK but in USA as well with the two incompetent boobs running for president who will bring down the country to the lowest point ever. I foresee some really awful things taking place in the coming years.

I watch the train wreck that is the run-up to the election in horror each evening. Donald Trump screaming like a man who has lost his mind about crooked Hillary and talking about his great children running his golf course in Scotland. He sees this as an opportunity to get publicity for his golf course. He admires Saddam Hussein. He is totally oblivious to everything except making money for himself. And now Hillary is running for president while being unable to get security clearance she will need as president to have access to top military secrets. One of these idiots will have their finger on the nuclear war button.

Watch for the price of gold to hit new record highs as the world panics over the chaos unfolding.

LOL…what does that have to do with anything? And I pay them good money…they don’t just work at my house, they work in 6 to 8 houses, they are independent people, not live-in servants, and have a good life, with mobile phones, own home, indoor plumbing, good clothes, kids in school/college. Indian poor are not starving, they are doing very well. Heck, my cleaning lady probably has a better smartphone than I do…my smartphone is 5 year old, every time I see her she’s on her phone and has a new phone every 6 months.

And they have cable/satellite TV too…there’s a satellite dish on top of every shanty in slums. They are independent people with a mind of their own.

And yeah, they even have washing machines and refrigerators…so I’ve heard. So it’s not like the 19th century when you had landlords and serfs. Their kids can join college, get educated and get decent jobs and they will move on to better things. My grandfather (father’s father) was a contract laborer and died young, but my father was smart, took advantage of government scholarships, studied hard, got a great job, married well and became a part of upper class. Nobody is destined to remain poor forever, or rich forever, you have to keep doing your duty and do your best.

And Modi, who you hate so much, he is a good example of it. He was the son of a humble tea seller, belongs to a backward caste and sold tea at railway stations. His mother was a maid who used to wash dishes, clean clothes of rich people to make ends meet. He is now the Prime Minister of India.

Two words : Upward Mobility. It is very strong in India.

I guess I will stay out of Fiverr Forum for a while, too much negativity. Will come back in a month or so.

Well as they say in… Somewhere, I guess?

“Don’t cry because it’s over, Smile because it happened.”

Personally, I was never that big on civilization anyway.

When you consistently post on controversial topics and global issues that people have strong feelings about, people are going to respond. Sometimes
responders won’t agree.

Maybe forums related to these subjects could be considered. I tried to suggest this to everyone using this forum category a while back but I guess it’s easiest to push buttons until reactions come.

Edit Because of Weird Wording: I had to miss out on most of the forum for many hours after this post. It was due to the silly expectation that we actually do the work buyers pay us for. Now I’m done and was confused at Emmmaki’s reply until I re-read my comment. Up there ^^^where I said “forums related to these [controcersial] subjects” I actually meant to say something different. Ignore the part I changed to italics and see my other comment below.

I’ll just respond to all you above points here

a) I don’t hate Modi. I just think that suit was stupid and that’s all I know about him. Also, rags to riches stories should remain in musicals where they belong–IRL, they usually come with a whiff of BS.

b) Fair points on the help. Good for them. My main point is more or less about how you keep mentioning it, along with your riches etc. It’s a bit distasteful, is all. Combined with your love for what I can only charitably describe as political monsters and/or incompetents, it was only going to be a matter of time before I rumbled about it.

And leaving because you get called out? You can’t run away from some things. Just think about the points instead of reacting defensively to me. That’s the most constructive way forward. Also not the easiest, but never mind.

Mmm, there was that French fellow… can’t remember the post now. the Fiverr scam YouTube video one who then backtracked with “I wanted to be controversial and annoy ppl and it worked!”. I called him some rather restrained names and got a little private orange mod mail!

I don’t think a separate “controversial” sub-forum would work at all. It would descend into Nazi v Commie in the blink of an eye. Moderating hell!

Can’t I just angrily shout at random people in the street? I haven’t got to that point yet, but it feels like it might be satisfying on some sort of “I’ve finally lost the plot” level.

How did your Ramadan go btw? Did you stay the course?

Senator Sasse introduced himself to Mr. Trump…Mr. Sasse continues to believe that our country is in a bad place and, with these two candidates, this election remains in his words a dumpster fire.

Trump had a meeting the the Republican senators to try to get them to accept him, and ended up abusing and bullying them, saying to one “you’re not going to get re-elected” and the Senator replied he was not running for re-election.

I realize what I did wrong, revealing too much about my life and my thoughts and beliefs here. I probably did that because I have no one to talk to offline and it came out. Anyway, will only comment on strictly Fiverr related “me mek sales” issues henceforth.

Fair enough, but you didn’t do anything wrong. I’m in a not dissimilar boat at the moment so I recognize it. Go out there and socialize. Your trapped in your tower right now. It’s unhealthy.

And yes, that was hugely presumptuous. Sorry about that. Sentiment’s in the right place though. Go and meet the assholes!