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Whats Happening to Fiverr?


Hi…I am getting Unknown messages and notifications in my Profile.My notifications and messages are gone and i have no notifications and messages and getting other profiles messages.Is fiver hacked or something??


same here


use its fine


contact fiverr customer support here and they will fix it …


Hi I’m new to fiverr. Though I dint get any orders yet, suddenly i started seeing so many other buyers and sellers conversations/msgs and notifications in my inbox felt like … huhhh finaly got yeah !! But haaha BIG BLAST!
Faced the same issue … Simple way is you need to delete the periodic history from your settings of google chrome or which ever browser u are using right now. Then re-login to fiverr. Problem will be cleared. I tried … it worked for me … Hope it helps ! :slight_smile:


same problem here 1hr ago but now its resolve


Same here


Same Issue, they are appearing in the notification panel.


Same here to


You should contact customer support.


I had the same. I was hoping for unknown money as well, but that didn’t appear, sadly :frowning:


Its fixed now.