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What's happening with the Fiverr?

What’s happening with the Fiverr?
I have a little impression that the good clients are gone.

— Fiverr Gigs: http://*********** —

Nope, they’re still here.

Hey studio_domingos!!

You can’t use any type of shorten URL on Fiverr forum that it violates Fiverr forum rules. You must remove this shorten URL that shorten by non-Fiverr shortening sites. :slight_smile: Hope you will fix the issue. Please make sure to read the Fiverr forum rules and Fiverr ToS to avoid unnecessary circumstances.

Thank you!

I have almost all good clients.

Hi, organicguide!!
I’m sorry about it!! It’s my fault. :frowning:
But I believe that it already removed by Fiverr Admin…

Hi, misscrystal!!

I’m happy for you and for your success.
But now I’ve noticed that good customers has become rare, especially for me that I work with digital illustration and projects that require more time and development.


Don’t do that type of things and make sure to keep Fiverr forum clean and clear as always. :slight_smile: Have a great day friend!


Maybe you’re just not very good.

I’ve had some clients come back regularly for over a year. They always are very nice.