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Whats happening


its since long i am having no buyers

plz buyers have a look on my profile and tell me whats wrong


plz comment and order


This is pretty common these days.


I have experienced that as well. Contact your previous clients and politely ask them if they have any more work for you. Also go to the buyer requests and see if you can find something there. Good luck.


Reply to @socialpluto: what may be tha reason


Same here. I regret that I quit from fiverr for a while before when my orders were at their peak, because I cannot handle such high volume of orders :frowning: maybe you can try promote the gigs to social media.


Reply to @penart: i tried but no benefit ;-(


Reply to @tusharattar: I once try to get back into fiverr after abandoning it for a few months. I created a new gig. And suddenly my older gigs (and new one) were getting inquiries and even orders! I dont know how this mechanism works, it seems like people start recognize your gig after you do something like posting new gigs. maybe you could try that :slight_smile:


Reply to @penart: thanks for us suggestion