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What's in a Name?


Hello Fiverr community. I thought I would share a little marketing tip today.

Branding - Things to Consider

When thinking about creating a brand, you used to only have to worry about how it would look "in neon lights" or on a sign so to speak. Maybe you thought through the business card or the letterhead you may need. But in the modern, social media world we live and work in today, your name or logo has to fit into many more scenarios.

Here are just a few things to consider when developing your brand, name or logo:

1. Can it fit into a box? Many social networking sites now use avatars and even Facebook uses the 180x180 square in your cover art.

2. Is the domain name free? So many domain names are taken, it can be hard to come up with a brand and get the domain name to match. Have a look before you commit to see if the name or some easy to use varioation is available.

3. How will it look in print? Business cards, letterhead, postcard mailers, promotional items and more, all need to be considered and your brand can be used in so many ways, ensure you have a multi-mark brand that can be used in all scenarios.

4. Will it port well to clothing? You may want to use your brand or logo on clothing such as polo shirts or even have it embroidered.

5. Can it scale? In other words, how will it look really small and how will it look on a giant billboard or on a semi truck, storefront or sign?

6. Will it look good in greyscale? Many folks don't want to print everything in color. How will your brand print in greyscale or B & W?

Of course, there are many more things to consider, but this gives you the idea that a logo, brand or service mark, your company name and the corresponding branding marks should not be taken lightly. When you order graphic design items or other design pieces, think about these and other things ahead of time so that you can communicate it to your seller.

Your seller needs as much direction as you can give and if you take the time to think through uses and such, your end product will be one you can use for years to come.


You’d love my domain name, not going to shout it out here but it’s 5 letters including the domain extension


Very well said.


Reply to @madmoo: Not sure about Fiverr, but outside of Fiverr I have a company name and domain that makes perfect sense. My Fiverr ID is my name actually. WHen I signed up, I did not realize they were going to use it as an ID. If I could change it, I would but now I have history and don’t want to mess that up.

Good point to add to this list - take some time to know what naming convention forums are using and places like Fiverr, so your account name is branded well too!


Reply to @hotwebideas: Thanks! Since I wrote this article for something else, thought I would share here as well and just customize for this audience.


Don’t forget to brand yourself on FIVERR too! Your image or icon can be something that sets you apart - something people remember!