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Whats is the process of of selling your service

Hi, I’m a new here on fiverr.

I have started getting interest in some of my gigs but haven’t sealed the deal on any yet.

I want to know what it is like to sell your product, how does the exchange happen? Do you get paid the same time your customer gets the product? Also How do revisions work?

I’d love to hear from you and what you think about the transaction!


You can find all the answers you need here:


Thank you have been looking, but haven’t found this yet

welcome Fiverr !
I wish that all your wishes are fulfilled

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Refer ‘Buyer Request’ which comes under option ‘Selling’. There you would see request coming in from Buyer’s. Then buyer will reach you if you are one among many.
You are paid upon successful delivery.


I guess my main question is how does the buyer see the product without being able to take off with it without completing the order. How does fiver protect sellers from that?

I took a look at your gigs,

“Hello and welcome.”

You don’t need this.

USUAL PRICE: $̶3̶0̶0̶ YOUR PRICE: $100"

I don’t think people are going to believe that your usual price is $300. Also, these tactics don’t work. I’ve done 24/hour and weekend sales with no results.

I also suggest you lower your prices. One of your gigs costs $500! Your other gigs start at $100.

You have no reviews, you’re not a Pro Seller (according to Fiverr), so getting that first order is going to be very difficult.

Why not price your logo gig at $20. Since you’re offering 3 concepts and 2 revisions, I would change the delivery timeline to 7 days. You can still deliver in 1-2 days to have enough time for revisions.

For your product label, I’d change that to $20 or $50.


Buyers can not take your product and go away unless you share the product before delivery.

I appreciate your feedback, and I do agree the sale price seems gimmicky. Thanks for sharing your experience.

I will take another look at my prices, Although I have done a lot of freelance work, and have never had a complaint about my pricing, well because I make good work that people are proud to own. i decided I would try out this site to offer my services. I think there are a lot of people use Fiverr to make a quick buck, but I don’t believe I have to devalue my product to compensate the competition. Although I have lots to learn still!

Thanks for your thoughts, knowledge and suggestions!

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