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What's lacking in my gig?

Hello Fiverr folks, I’m coco.
So it’s been almost 10 days since I have created my gig.And I’ve only got 192 impressions, 112 views and 29 clicks. In short, my gig isn’t been noticed on Fiverr. I’m putting my link down, please kindly suggest me what should I edit, to make it better.

Moreover, I am also promoting it on social media.

Hi Coco!

I just checked out your gig, great job! Your video is really well done. :slight_smile: I would maybe suggest using a voice-over, rather than the automated voice? It’s a bit less personal and intriguing, as awesome as the video is! Have you tried promoting your gig on your social media channels as well? LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram are great places to start to market your services.


Thank you so much for your genuine advice, i’ll be definitely ordering a Voice over soon.
And yes, I’ve been promoting my gig on Facebook.

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