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What's legal to draw on Fiver?

Hello! I’ve got a question. I’m not sure 100% if I’ll need it. But everything happens one day you know?
Are nude drawings allowed on Fiver or not? I haven’t seen exact yes or no.

Let’s imagine I’ve got a sutuation when I’m asked to draw a nude figure. Should I do it that inside this website or outside it? Or I can do it inside but the buyer musn’t show the result in the review? Or I must make a sensored version for the page.

I’m asking more theoretically, but let’s say I really want to know. Thanks in advance if You can help!


What you mean nudes, like animal nudes?


Nope, not allowed.

Clearly written in TOS.


Panda nudes, your reply made my day :joy:

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I was asked to draw a naked zebra btw

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All animals are technically “nude” except for the unfortunate ones subjugated to the indignity of wearing costumes!

Err, just a regular, realistic zebra or an anthropomorphized humanoid looking animal drawing?

Uhh, maybe it’s better not to know. :grimacing:


it’s a children book zebra.

I’m even more confused now… :exploding_head: