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Whats missing from my gig?


I have recently created my first gig and am not getting any orders. Is my work overpriced or do you feel like somethings missing? Criticism welcome!



I think your prices are a bit top of the line. According to the price, revisions are not enough. You can either augment your revisions or lower the price. But still, I suggest you both; lower the price and increase the revision to at least 2.

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In my opinion prices are good because she made very good profile and have very good samples. I think she don’t need low price to compete. Maybe you could make them higher after you get some reviews. Revisions are just fine.

You don’t have orders because you don’t have reviews but I believe that eventually someone will order (whether week or month from now) and leave you good review then you gonna make more orders by then.

You can try to do some advertising but make sure you actually can have some conversion from that and not just wasting your time.

You have 2 people already saved your gig so it’s very promising sign.

Delivery time is bad though, not much people want to wait 7+ days for their delivery. But if you can’t make it earlier then leave it like that.