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What's my fate?

This is the first time I’m experiencing this. A buyer contacted me and after discussing the work, the person just suddenly send me an email address. I was shocked because I know fiverr badly detest that. That is automatic account blocking. I’m innocent. I immediately messaged the person that it’s against fiverr terms and conditions to contact client outside of the platform. But I notice that the message was not delivered. I mean it didn’t show in our chat history. I sent a similar message again but restated that it’s against fiverr terms and conditions. Still, the message didn’t show in our chat history. It was another message that didn’t contain “term and conditions” that was delivered. Please, what is my fate? Am I receiving account blocking email soon? I’m so annoyed now.

Don’t worry, it’s the phrase “outside of Fiverr” that sends the alert to support. It will eventually go through, once they see that you did nothing wrong.


Thank you. It will be very painful losing my account.