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What's my fault?

Hi everybody !
Hope all you are doing great ! I faced a problem . That’s why want to share with you .

I got an order and i delivered it . Order was completed automatically . Few days latter buyer ask me order was not complete and added that he/she can’t edit that . I send again the source file . Then buyer contacted customer support and cancel order . After that I got warning and dominated by level one .

My gig says clearly that i do vector draw and source is .ai .I have checked later for make sure i send the right file . Yes , I had send the right one . What’s my fault ?

Thanks in advance .

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I just read on this forum fiverr CS just support to buyers

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That’s great and all, because we all know Internet strangers are the most reliable people of all!

Sarcasm aside, it’s definitely a flawed system. CS seems to be taking steps to fix this (with their survey and all), but it doesn’t seem to be something that will be fixed soon.


You can complain about this to fiver CS.

Also you should communicate well with buyers to avoid this kind of situations. Just imaging you have already sent the Ai format of the source file and if the buyer replied to you as can not edit it then no use of re sending it. Then you have to communicate with them and find out what is the issue to make the corrective action.

Perhaps if they using coral draw they can not edit Ai files there for you can send them eps format to short out this without cancelation.

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Thanks for your great reply . Before cancellation my was :

_Here’s the vector source file . Please check this it . _
If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.
Off course , i will help you to complete this project , just put instruction in your message "

After that i asked by which software you tried to open it . But no reply …


You did well … but still if they cancelled the order means the are trying to take advantages from you.

You can open a ticket to CS they will refund you back

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Thanks for quick reply . I don’t need money but i want back my level .Is there any way ?

Actually no one at the forum can help you to get back your refund or the level only CS can … There for just make a complain to CS they will check buyers profile and remove the account if they did this for many users.

And also you have chance get your money and level back.

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This is so helpful . I really appreciate it . I also think so .

Every seller is dealing with the same thing. Fiverr needs to fix that. Or it’s competition will.


Thanks for your opinion .

I already did two times but …

I didn’t suggest any course of action for you to take, so I don’t quite know what you’re talking about doing twice here.

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@sadiur No forum users can help you with the problems you have listed. You need Customer Support for all your issues. When a staff member has demoted you to a lower level, you will have to ask Support how to earn your level back. Your situation is unique to you and other forum readers cannot answer your questions except to send you to staff.

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OP needs to contact Support.