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What's my first impression about Fiverr

Yes, I am new in Fiverr as a man who wants to start doing something in his days seems to be that Fiverr won’t be the way…

so recently I was trying to make a gig which didn’t even work what happened is when I go to personal info I take my time at doing my profile I can’t even click the button continue.

My impressions at Fiverr are honestly just bad
Fiverr is a waste of time I think it’s just a nice concept that will never work out.

Anyways the community is great that all are matters.
Have a great day guys

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Lol, you are talking about a company that had their IPO and raised $111 million recently. It had revenue of $75 million last year and has over a million users.
But sure, the fact you had an issue means it probably won’t be a successful company.


Sometimes Facebook doesn’t work anymore, do you give up on Facebook?

I hope you don’t give up on Fiverr.

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