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Whats One Bad Review

I’m curious to what an unfortunate bad review can do to my business. In my head 99% and 4.9 are pretty great numbers. Though the day after the review, which basically said the guy doesn’t like my voice but he says I’m good at what I do, my analytics went from 3 orders a day with 7K clicks, to zero orders for the 3rd day in a row with only a few hundred clicks. Any suggestions on how to get out of the funk?

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I don’t think that’s related at all. 4.9 is almost perfect, so you should expect a drop after it’s below 4.0 or so. Not sooner! :slight_smile:

Could be the time of the week or gigs being rotated around. So expect things to return back to normal soon. Unless you edited your gig, then it might be an indexing issue.