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What's pay.pal chargeback?

I read that some people after completing their orders and the buyers posted a positive review, many days later they cancelled the orders for some reason and fiverr sent them a message about pay.pal chargeback

what’s that ?

when someone withdraws the funds to his pa.pal account , could these funds return back to the buyers again ?!

It basically means that the buyer will claim (to PayPal) that the funds withdrawn from their PayPal were taken fraudulently, or that they did not receive what they paid for, or any other excuse they can think of to get out of paying. So, yes, the money can be “taken back” from Fiverr as well as your account and placed back in the clients PayPal. Clients who do this do get their account terminated or suspended until they pay up, but, many most likely hold multiple PayPal accounts as well as emails so they sign up again, and start anew. Whether they run a scheme and keep ripping off hard working sellers is a possibility, but, unfortunately, not everyone intends to pay for what they order here.


this has happened to me a couple times, and according to customer support, it was because the paypal account the buyer had set up either was closed, or had the source of payment removed.

Reply to @genuineguidance: Aha, but can the money be taken back from the seller’s paypal account? or it can be taken only from his fiverr account?