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What's problem with my gig and what missing in my profile

I 'm Atia Tariq i send the 52 buyer request and i am not getting any order please suggest me everyone and check my profile and gig and tell me what’s wrong.
Thank You!

Hi Atia,

What kind of jobs do you apply for?

Hi @atiatariq849.

You should pay attention for your grammar. Specially when you offer article writing services.
so many missing word and space from your description.

and you didn’t give potential customer any reasons why they should hire you? What is your strong point? Your description is very standard for new seller :frowning:

Wish you luck :slight_smile:


The hard truth is buyers request section is highly competitive. You might consider offering short sample when applying for a job. This might help convince a potential buyer to reach out to you.

Good luck to you buddy.

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Yeah using punctuation, grammar and effective structure is probably a good idea if you want people to think you’re a good writer.


Thank you! all of you

For this grammarly can be used, it takes away a major hassel while writing, it suggests alternatives and also rectifies punctuation errors.

Hi AtiaTariq,

When sending requests to buyers, make sure you write an effective proposal. Do not copy paste the same text to all the buyers.

Not getting orders is very frustrating but remember that patience is the key to success. Make sure your gigs are genuine and unique and not copy/paste of someone else’s work.

Keep track of your gig stats and tailor your gigs accordingly. I hope you will get orders.


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Yess i totally agree with you.Grammar plays an important role in written along with puntuation exclamations etc signs.