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What's problem with my point?

I received a review with 1 star about 3 months ago, I have to effort with some another customers to get 5 stars but now I still 4.9 point. How do I get back to 5 points?


You will likely never have an all-time 5.0 seller rating, because you do not have perfect 5-star reviews. That’s okay, though. There is nothing wrong with being a 4.9 seller.


Don’t worry about this. It happens you have to admit it and look forward to produce something good. I saw pro sellers get 3.5 rating but they manage to work on that and find more orders.

This is mathematically correct, but you can eventually display a 5-star rating on your profile. Fiverr rounds up, so if you get enough 5-star reviews to increase the ratio of 5 stars to less than 5 stars, you would eventually be displayed that way. I can’t tell you how many high reviews that would take.


I think I need to try get more reviews rate 5.0, and my rate review will come back 5.0 on profile?

Today, my profile come back with 5.0 :star_struck:


Um, actually it’s not. It’s not bad, though.


Its simple average math. Don’t worry.

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I think it take 60 days and it gets back to 5 :star: if all coming gigs are 5 stars. I did few gigs from my country and all of them are less than 5 Star but my gig still shows 5 :star2: becuase all other gigs that i did has 5 Stars.

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