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What's that best piece of advice you've received so far?

What’s that best piece of advice you’ve received so far?

I’m honestly not being sarcastic, this is the truth. The best advice I have received on Fiverr is to read all the advice that is already on the forum and on the web. There is so much good advice that it’s hard to recall one particular bit that made a big impact on me since different advice applied at different stages. A few tidbits might be:

As a new seller: Make your offers very attractive and be willing to put up with a lot of nonsense and too little money until you get some reviews. Read ToS very carefully and re-read it for changes regularly.

As a leveling seller: Be very careful of your statistics (response, completions) and raise your prices to a minimum of $10 for a base gig. If you can’t actually deliver $10 worth of work, use the advice for a non-leveled seller until you can.


I’ve learned a lot ( and I mean a LOT) here at Fiverr, but I don’t think I myself have
really received or asked for advice from others that much. When I started out, I read everything and it was self taught most of the time, along with applying what I will call “common sense.” (I am aware that this tricky thing called common sense can differ depending on the person/country etc, but I’m talking about baaaaaaaaasic stuff like don’t lie/steal)

I can give a lot of advice to sellers, but the number one single most important advice I’ll give is


It sounds short, but it covers a lot. It means you know how business works. You have good communication skills. You are good at what you do. You are patient. You are honest. You know that presentation matters. You have the necessary skills and experience and knowledge. You are willing to listen to others. You can handle constructive criticism. If someone gives you a hard time, you can deal with it with a mature attitude.
All of the above.

I also agree with what Maddie said above, you can learn so much just by reading the forum. You will FOR SURE learn what NOT to do.


Thanks for your response, really helps.

I will always try to be professional, Thanks ZEUS77 and Common Sense make some sense here.