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What's that 'sustainable'

What’s more important to sustain the sale - credibility or luck (luck based on fiverr algorithm).
Kindly give your views to understand.

Credibility that is built by the well written description and reviews, and consistently excellent work and fast delivery is most important.

Luck is never a sustainable business choice. Never base your business efforts on luck. Base them on a resume of effort and proven success.

Credibility without doubt. Luck, if it exists, might snag you a few bucks but won’t sustain you. You need to be able to count on your own ability as a provider of professional services and in the early stages you’ll have to find ways to market yourself even if it’s only through buyer requests. Of course, I also wouldn’t consider freelancing on one site to be a way of counting on sustained income. Even for those already making a living on Fiverr, there are no guarantees.

What everyone else said. Nobody cares about you as a person. It’s the results that count. According to my reviews, I’m awesome. I don’t need reviews to tell me that, but the social proof is there.

Remember this: you can have a train wreck of a life, but so long as you consistently hand in good work, well, at least you’ll have some $$$ to sustain you through the car crash. Can’t help you much with the train wreck, but being defiant works for me.

This is a bogus question anyway. Nobody’s going to encourage a quick buck over sustainability.

You speak what I think but dare not say.

Regrets are for tomorrow!

She has a brilliant mind, it’s easy to mistake her for an overgrown teen because of her snarkiness and all that, but there’s more to her.

It’s a bogus question obviously but it wouldn’t occur to me to actually say that. Coming from me it wouldn’t sound the same at all.