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What's the actual reason of disabled my account


Today fiverr disable my account
I was talked about fiverr & here is our conversation

Hello fiverr,
With all respect, Will you please tell me why my account was disabled. Because i believe, i didn’t violate any of your trams of service, From last april 17 i used this account, i didn’t contact any of my client outside fiverr. even if someone give their info, i was instantly report fiverr & block them. I use one laptop one account. I was always follow fiverr rules. Then why my account was disabled. I think there must be an misunderstand. So please check again.

answer is:


MY reply is :

Yes, I know that. What do you mean by " Sellers advertising their Gig on Fiverr must comply with the terms of service of the platform or relevant website used to offer services for. Fiverr’s content is based on User Generated Content (UGC)." I’m a professional digital marketer. I know about third party terms of service violations. I create a gig based on fiverr rules, i followed their categories.

Please explain my question. I want your true answer. If i offer third party gig then you can remove my gig, why disabled my account? & if you think my gig services are offered personal information, email list, contact etc, that’s why fiverr remove my gig & disable my account. Then fiverr also think about removing “Business card design” gig which is in graphic design categories is a third party gig, because to create a business card seller asked for buyer full info (taking personal info must be violation ), fiverr also thinking about removing “website design” gig which is in web design & development categories is also third party gig, because to create a website seller need buyer full information.

If it is, then what types of service seller will offer please explain. You can’t because every buyer need this services, without this services what the reason to create a marketplace. So, are you still think that, i’m really offered irrelevant service.

After spending so much times here, fiverr disabled my account because of this reason, really?

I beg you, Please read my massage fully, then i want you actual answer. Because i’ll decide based on your answer.

Note : If i really tell anything wrong then pardon me.


You’d have to continue communicating with Customer Service. None of us here on the Forum is in a position to assist you with your issue.


That’s why i want to know your opinion or some suggestion


So i understand that, they are very serious about don’t care attitude. If fiverr will not serious about account disable system sooner or later fiverr must fall down. I’m dame sure about it.


I took a look at a cached list of some gigs you used to have. (This is easy to do with Google.) You seem to have offered a lot of services that were related to third party sites. I saw that at some point you had gigs related to YouTube and iTunes, for example. Those type of gigs are often taken down because of complaints from the social media sites.

You also apparently offered something related to email marketing at some point. Those gigs are considered outside of Fiverr’s typical focus since they can be related to spam. They are typically removed.

I am only guessing for you, but my guess is that complaints were made about your services and Fiverr decided that what you were selling wasn’t okay with them. They never tell you much more than that, so there is not really anything you can do. There are so many sellers on Fiverr now that more opportunities are given to specific professional services and sellers who provide those type of services.


It is probably because you used these companies names in your gig which advertised:

i'll create 150 any email accounts yahoo, g-mail, hot-mail, outlook, aoletc 

I don’t think so.
I hope this answered your question.


it looks like the fiverr wants to clean everyone from digital marketing niche)),for example they want to close every gig with backlinks, link building, because buying or selling backlinks is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, when fiverr say “you violate third party`s term of service” in SEO I guess they mean a third party a Google or other search engines. Fiverr as a marketplace could indicate which services you can sell what you can not.


Thanks for telling me. If i did that fiverr can remove my gig. why they disabled my account. They can remove my every gigs. I spend 1 year to build my carrier my account proved my skill. Fiverr can remove my all gigs & suspend my account for 1 month or 2 as a penalty. Where is the good comes by disabled account.

If i want, i can do it again and again in fiverr, whether fiverr disable my account or not. At least they can give me a warning by removing my gigs. so that i can start new work.

Don’t you think, i deserved one chance to change myself.


She doesn’t make that decision. Fiverr does.


Yes, i offered. Because “Email Marketing” is a part of “Digital Marketing”. I thought you know.

With all respect, i’m not complaining. I just want to know more about my mistake & learn from it.


Yes. That’s why i was talked about it on fiverr CS. I’m sharing my situation so that you guys tell me some problem i might done. So that i can punished myself.


logic of their actions is not clear and to me, a few days ago they have removed account one of Top Seller in SEO, with many orders, reviews and which gave a huge income to the fiverr, they don’t care))), what to say about simple sellers)). Time of SEO freelancers on the fiverr passed.


Those companies do not allow you to make and sell multiple email accounts. Did you know that?

That was an EXTREMELY SERIOUS violation of all those companies terms of service and I can understand why your account was disabled.


It looks like your gigs were mostly about spamming. Spamming third party websites, getting emails that would later probably get used for spam, that sort of thing. Other websites might have complained, and if the spamming was really bad, Fiverr might have decided not to warn you and to just remove your account instead (whether they warn you or not is at their discretion).

I’m just guessing here, of course.


No, I didn’t. Beside i did it because my client ask me to do it for him. Do you think that’s why marketplace made of.


You really thought those companies didn’t care if you did that? You can’t be that stupid. And you do not get to do things just because your client wants you to.


Clients sometimes ask for all sorts of things, and many of them violate the rules. If your client asked you to rob a bank, would you do it?


I get asked for crazy things every day. I say no a lot.


What about “promotional” gig? To complete promotional work Everyone must used social platforms to complete their work. That means promotional gig also third party gig.

What about “lead generation” gig? To complete this work you must used social platforms or google (all search engine) to find website & other information.

What about SEO ?
Local listing?
Web Analitics?
E-commerce marketing?
Mobile Advertising?
Article & Blog post?
Viral videos?

All those are categories gig. So that means fiverr must thinking about removing this types of gigs from their marketplace.