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What's the benefits of fiverr Courses in Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals?

Hopefully, someone will help me with the correct answer?

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It just shows to buyers that you are qualified.

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I wanna know. If someone got benifited please let me know


thanks so much joshvoices4you


Itā€™s purely to show your qualification, there is no actual benefit, but may increase your amount of sales.


it will be addon in your profile. like you gained the certificate for professional work.

If you want to be pro, go to coursera website and purchase.

fiverr learn is also good.


All mistaken.

The benefit of any learning course including the Fiverr one is that you gain knowledge and skills.

This is the basics for being sucessful.

The badge is just a 100x100 pixels graphic put in your profile.

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thanks so much blavaro

yes, you are right. You should learn from it. it will be an addon in your skill
and the certificate will increase the value of your profile.

You are welcome.

I have taken four Photoshop Fiverr learning courses and highly recommend:

Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals

Photo Manipulation in Adobe Photoshop


Product Photography Retouching in Adobe Photoshop

These are amazing courses led by amazing people.

I know it costs money but this money is so well invested, you can never lose it.

EDIT: Well, I have just looked at your profile and gigs and you seem to be experienced and skilled person. So maybe the Fundamentals is not the right choice for you. But who knows, in basics courses are sometimes hidden gems like techniques that you never thought could be usedā€¦

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Am I the only person who finds it slightly concerning that ā€˜professionalā€™ sellers have to take a course in how to actually do the ā€˜professionalā€™ service they offer?

Surely the whole idea is that you come to Fiverr as an experienced professional, not as some rookie who takes an online course for a few hours?


I found it concerning too. Especially how many ā€˜professionalā€™ sellers are available for hire.

Sometimes I think that word ā€˜professionalā€™ is magic or something. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, in my case it was just need of learning something new, specifically Photoshop, Illustrator etc. I like it.