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What's the best format for asking a buyer for information

Question for those who use a questionnaire in your gig requirements.
On my script gig I’m having a lot of problems lately with buyers completing a questionnaire
I include a link to a fillable PDF but more often than not the PDF comes back blank.
How do you get the information needed when there are multiple questions involved?


I don’t have a questionnaire, but I’ve lately been considering adding something like a Y/N requirement that states something like…

I, the buyer, acknowledge that if I have left out any information necessary for the seller to complete the order, the seller can/will cancel the order and block me as a buyer.

Obviously, this wouldn’t solve the problem completely, but people dislike being inconvenienced (pain point). I’d be making it more inconvenient (painful) for them to skip information I need AND not getting what they order in the first place, than them taking the time to fill out a form.

Unfortunately, the TOS does not address the issue of missing requirements. (To the best of my knowledge.)

Isn’t that kind of thing already part of the order?


Exactly what I said haha Changing the way on receiving orders

(Thank you for the screenshot!)
The ‘extras cost more’ part, yes, but not anything that could indicate a potential cancellation.

If we, as sellers, don’t have what we need, we plain can’t do the order. If a buyer never provides what we need, there’s really no choice but to cancel.

How long/often do we ‘poke’ the buyer before it reaches the point were we would need to cancel anyway? I’ve worked retail and food service long enough that, if a customer is loitering, security gets suspicious.

I’ll help people who want/need help, but people who ‘step up to the counter’ and stare at the menu after saying ‘I want a pizza’ and state ‘I dunno’ when prompted to tell me what kind of pizza they want, they’re just wasting my time, my coworker’s time, and other customer’s time.

“Can I help you find something?” works in-person, thank goodness.

(I was able to give them a handheld menu and make a few suggestions as to the toppings, and have them temporary step aside. “If you’re not quite ready to order or you’re having trouble reading the menu, we do have some in pamphlet form.”)

Back on-topic to the OP…

I really, really wish Fiverr had something like these sliders: Four years today as a forum member - The highs and lows of my time on Fiverr

I get you, @imagination7413 - in New York, so I’m told, they’ll send people like that to the back of the queue until they’ve made up their mind - so rude from a UK perspective … :wink:

Melissa’s post is a useful reference: