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What's the best method to get orders in this competitive market?

I am a new seller here. I know it’s too much complex and hard to get the order nowadays as compared to 2015-2017. The competition is at its peak. But it still didn’t mean that there are no buyers or no work. So I request some experet to share his opinion on how to get work on Fiverr?


Sellers gain customers and clients by marketing and promoting their services to those target customers, and offering a solution to their needs that only you can fill. If you want orders, you are going to have to reach out to your target customers, and convince them to hire you.


but the question is how to convince them

You’re going to have to figure that out. Learning how to reach out to your target customers is part of being in business. And only you know your target customers and what they need.


I have been promoting my gigs on Linkedin, facebook groups, twitter. But no result.

Are those places where your target customers are located? I would guess not, since you have had “no result”. Go where your customers are. If they aren’t on social media, then promoting on social media won’t help you bring in new customers.


What other channels you can recommend to find the customers? I create video animations and my services can and have been used by small to big businesses as well as by individuals and corporations in the past. But there has been a lot of other service providers in this market now, it’s tough.

You are essentially spamming those channels with your offering, that’s not marketing.

You are also offering something via automated video services.

You are positioned as a commodity, cheap, fast, maybe good, definitely the same as about 2,000 sellers on here and a million outside Fiverr.

I’d be hard pressed to find value in what you claim to offer to be honest.

That’s just my feedback on why you are failing as a business, I am not going to go into the whole “what I see as a professional animator” thing.

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