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Whats the best msg should be on buyer request?

Hello friends,
I just thought to knowing about best msg for buyer request ? how the buyer attract to offer from seller?
your suggestion will be most useful for new friends.


I also want answer :slight_smile:

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You will find helpful information here:


thank you so much for you sharing

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I myself was think the same question but I was confused that where to ask. Thank you umair5601 and lloydsolutions. you made it clear. :slight_smile: . I explored hundreds of post to reach here.


obviously this platform is to teach and learn.
thats why i asked this question.

No doubt , I learned a lot from here but during this process I got marked as “against the rule”.which I took as my training and removed/rewrite my post to follow the rules.

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It really depends on the thing that you’re selling. more generally,

It should,

  • be a custom one for each and every offer you send.
  • talk about what the buyer has posted on the buyer request.
  • reflect how you gonna solve that particular needs.

Make sense? :wink:


its simple man.
when you are getting any order so you should offer every request and talk with him/her about him/her order.
so definitely it will make him understand your offer.