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Whats the best service

what should we offer or be offered to get the best of it

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The best service you can offer is the one you’re really good at.


Answer questions of your potential buyer, be clear. Advocate for your buyer with excellent customer service, in other words, meet your customers expecations and exceed them. If you do not understand a buyers needs ask. But also do not be afraid to suggest you cannot exceed the scope of your abilities. If you provide a gig thats quantity or time based, give more. For example if you offer 3 days, complete the gig in quicker time if it allows. If you offer ‘50’ of something, at no additoinal costs. Occasionaly offering a little more than you advertise if offering a higher service.

The one you are good at. Don’t learn or go for that skill which you think can make you $$$ even if you don’t like. If you are good at one make yourself expert in that.