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What's the best way I could get noticed on Fiverr? Help!

Advertising is a great way to get noticed in the creator world, but I’m not very sure how I could advertise my gigs. I don’t have a very good social media presence, and I don’t even know where I could advertise!
Also, if I have around 3 gigs, and more pretty commonly, how quickly would I get noticed?
I don’t really know from other topics, because the answers are mixed, so try to give an estimate if you can. Though, PLEASE do tell me where I could advertise!
Thank you!

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@snitzys By sharing it on social media daily as much as you can.
You can follow my Insta page: ag_services__
For further discussion regarding this, you can do inbox me there. I will surely help you. :slight_smile:

Hey @snitzys, first of all you need to work on SEO for your gig so you get organic leads. Then, you have to expand into other advertising ways like social media, forums, cold emails, etc.

Let me know if you need help. Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice, @optimus_seo Do you know how I could work on SEO? I do understand the social media, forums, and emails part, but how should I do SEO?

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So Fiverr has an algorithm (similar to Google). It tries to match the buyer’s search intent to the different sellers. The goal is to show up in first place to have more chances of getting the order.

For this, you have to optimize your complete gig for that search intent. I suggest you carefully choose a category, add keywords on title, fix the url, add LSI keywords in the description (of course use some sales copy). Tags are also important, you can check the top gigs in your niche and find their tags.

Also, study some of the top gigs and compare to yours. I suggest you niche down so you compete with less sellers.

Good luck!

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