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What's the best way of getting buyers to leave a review?

I realise that not everyone likes leaving reviews but sometimes when I work hard on something it’s at least useful to have confirmation that I gave the buyer what they wanted.

Does anyone have any tips for encouraging buyers to at least think about leaving a review (I don’t want to be one of those sellers that bribes them with promises of extras for 5-star reviews though).

Please be more cooperative and kind with every buyers.

When you get an order, send a warm greeting like " Hello ( introduce your self ) and (explain what will you do as professional as possible) ". It will give a comfort sense to your buyers.

When you deliver your work, send a closing message like " Don’t forget to give me 5 stars rating " also you have to explain that you worked more than expected.

With these methods, every buyers wouldn’t hesitate to give you 5 stars rating and awesome feedback.

I would agree with being warm, friendly and professional. I personally would not recommend telling a buyer what kind of review to leave. Just give them great service and tell them how hard you work for their satisfaction. You may get different answers on this, but if you do write something that irritated a buyer, it could go badly. It is better to get no review than a lesser review.

Agree with the above comments, being warm and friendly to them. I always tell them how much I appreciate them checking out my gig and placing their order with me, then after delivering their order, I simply tell them how important their review is important to my profile, that way I always get a 5 stars rating from my clients after a well done job. Hope this helps

Some buyer like to review, others not.
Thats part of the game.
Just ask yourself.
Do you rate everything “physical” you buy in internet? I don´t :slight_smile:
And thinking about that. The poorest guys are the traditional shops, or?

It’s the buyer’s choice. No matter what you do sometimes, some buyers will not leave a review. Just do your best.

Over-deliver and make sure your customer has the best possible experience. If that doesn’t work, kindly ask them if they wouldn’t mind leaving you some feedback.

Like others have pointed out, some people just don’t want to leave feedback for whatever reason.

Just be friendly and provide quality service. If buyers are happy, then they will leave a review. I never mention anything about a possible review to any of my buyers. Also the phrase “no news is good news applies here”. Often when a buyer does not leave feedback, then they are not very happy- don’t wake the beast.

Not to beat a dead horse here… but I have to agree with most comments above. The best way to get a 5 star review is to do 5 star work.

Will everyone leave you a five star review… no. But that’s OK. If you’re delivering great work, on time, and as requested, the positive reviews will come in.

Sometimes I work really hard on a job and go above and beyond, and it’s just one of those customers that isn’t happy no matter what you do. Other times I quickly deliver a project, thinking, “They’re probably going to reject this…” And they give me the best 5 star rating you can imagine!

I’d say 90% of it depends on the quality of work you provide, and then there’s 10% that is just random luck of the draw on what type of buyer you get.