Whats the best way to create gig?


Hi Everyone! Pls is it advisable to create more than one gig under the same Category > Sub category and Service type?.. For Example : Programming & Tech > WordPress > Full website Creation… Can I create more than one gig using this same format?


If you are talking about creating a Gig that offers the same service more than once in the same category, no, you cannot do that. Each of your Gigs need to offer a different specialty or service. You would also need to use a different graphic or photo for each Gig as well. Gigs that seem to be the same thing will not be approved or may be deactivated later.

An example would be, I am an astrologer - so, I have a Gig for astrology readings. I also read cards, so, I have separate Gigs for that specialty. I don’t have multiple card or astrology Gigs offering the same thing.

Hope that makes sense.



Thanks for the response GG, I’m so grateful. For better understanding, I offer web developments gig and I want to know if I can have like " I will design a professional business WordPress website or blog ", I will create a high converting WordPress video blog ", " I will create a WordPress affiliate web store " in the same category. Thanks and I look forward to your response.


From my side, i think best way to create is research same category gig and then create your own gig.
Though i am new at Fiverr! Before creating gig research is very important.

But note that you can get from others gig but don’t copy any of gigs.



Keep one gig for one topic.