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What's the best way to get my first sale? How quickly did you get your first sale?

Hello there!

I’m wondering if anyone would be kind enough to look over my 3 gigs and see if they had any suggestions for getting my first sale. I know a lot of places recommended asking someone I know - but nobody I know currently needs the services I am selling. I’d also like to know how you made your first sale and how quickly it came.

Thank you!


Aside from improving your gigs to be more appealing to users (there are many suggestions on the blog, forum and podcast for this), I recently wrote a post regarding making sales as a new seller (and where to look/find buyers etc).

You can find this here: "I'm new and need sales" - 3 Top Tips & Tricks to Generating Sales from a Top Rated Seller



Okay, Twistedweb123!

I’ll sure have a look out and it seems, I already check it out!

Thanks a million,

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I made my first sale after a week but after that it’s been raising :slight_smile:

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The answer is very simple and in all honesty is probably the only way.
Keep sending 10 buyer requests every day no matter what! Additionally, share the gig on social media with a special offer like 50% or something like that. Usually, sales do increase that way.
You can also try adding a limited time offer like buy 1 gig get 1 free.

I also have the same problem😅 Well i hope at least one time in lifetime i will get my first order…Anyways stay patience like i do😂 And don’t give up!

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