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What's the best way to get people to notice your gig



In the last couple days I created my first 3 gigs for webdevelopment. I’m a student in need of some extra money and would love to create websites for people on Fiverr. Now it’s been a couple days and my gigs seems to be on the 3rd page if you search for portfolio / business website gigs. I don’t expect to get orders after just a couple days, but I do question how easy it is to get started since (I guess) once you’ve completed your first order your gig will be easier to find and easier to get noticed.

What would you recommend to get started & noticed on Fiverr?


First thing I noticed about your gigs, your prices are too high.

You may be able to set a higher price if you are have accumulated lots of 5 star reviews but if you are just starting out, buyers may be unwilling to take the risks. You may be able to deliver the best work but you have to prove that you have done it with other buyers.

Besides you are competing with thousands of other sellers, some with hundreds of 5 star reviews already while offering cheaper price.

As a new seller you may have to offer faster delivery time. 20 days is too long. Just check what other similar and top rated gigs are offering and adjust yours accordingly to be competitive.


Thanks for the reply,
I assume you’re talking about the cryptocurrency website gig, I’m considering lowering the price towards the $70 range just like my other gigs that should be around the same price / even lower than most other cryptocurrency sales website gigs.


setting all to the exact same price come across like amazon wholesale ! pls review all pricing and check few example on fiverr who are doing well in the same niche . no need to write bio in the gig description there is a spot for that on fiverr profile page …good luck !


As @goliwog said, your price is really high, I know maybe the price is fitting the effort that you will make, but in the same time you should start with a more fitting good price which is lower however this is a benefit as a new seller here and anywhere online.

Unfortunately I can’t see your gigs, but here some advises as an old seller here:
1-) Create a good gig title.
2-) Pick a good picture.
3-) Be unique.
And most of all be patient =)


I’ve decreased all prices to $5. I would be better off working at the local grocery store for this price but I guess I’ll do till I get a respectable amount of good feedback.

In case you’re wondering about one of the gigs;


please don’t take it other ways .
i am a also new seller,but few days ago i got a order and i delivered that order too fast,and that client gave me know what,why i got that order and that tips?
because,i gave him extra facilities,extra fast delivery with very low prize.he was very happy,and gave me tip with good rating and good comment.
you think as a client that,you get those service,which is you will get very high quality with minimum low prize,is this right bro?
hope you understand that,what will i say?
please forgive me,because my English skill is not so good.
thank you.


Well for you that might be sustainable but for me it isn’t. If I’d work for the local grocery store I’d earn like $60 for 1 day of work instead of $5. A tip of a dollar or two wouldn’t quite make a difference for me. Now I’m lucky that I don’t have to work on this persé since Fiverr is more of a way for me to make a little bit of extra money on the side till I go on an internship and get paid for my work.


On Fiverr two things Matter. 1. How much your Gig is catchy and different from others and 2. Patience.
Patience is the key to success on fiverr. Once you start getting orders you will not stop getting order. Thats my experience.


I totally agree with you.



Please reduce basic price to compete with other sellers and make your gig tile attractive.



Send buyer requests daily,it helps alot.


HI I agree with your advise


Thank you for Endorsing. Appreciated :blush:


really , but here the situation is different with me .Few months i was getting order than suddenly it was stopped .I don’t know why do u have any suggestion for me .
I shall be thankful