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What's the best way to get your first sale?

Hi, I’m new to fiverr and wondering how to get the ball rolling! It always seems like the first sale is the hardest to achieve. The first sale is also the most rewarding. Right now I can’t even find my gig in the search results! I was wondering why that is and how to land a sale. Isn’t there some way to offer buyers your service put in a request?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Ethan Nelson

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It can take 24 - 48 hours before a gig is visible in search. In the meantime, work on your gig descriptions if needed and read some articles on Fiverr Academy. Lots of useful information there on how to get started selling.

Welcome to Fiverr :smiley:

And yes, you have a “Send quotes” button under your Selling-tab in the main menu :slight_smile:

Here is some useful information on “Send Quotes” - previously called “Buyer requests”.

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‘Buyer request’ or recently renamed as ‘send quotes’. That’t the key of getting first few orders.

Read the buyers’ requirements carefully and send a nicely written quote. Stay online and try to respond to them as soon as possible. Hopefully you’ll get the orders soon.

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Uh, is it just me, or is the “Buyer Requests” section filled entirely with sellers trying to SELL their gigs? Isn’t this section supposed to be the opposite? In other words, shouldn’t it be where BUYERS post what they are looking for, and sellers respond to them?

Thanks, I will definitely do that.