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What's the best way to let clients see initial sketches?

This feels like a very silly question to post, but I’m not really sure where else to ask since I haven’t gotten anything on google. I just got my first order, and as an artist, it’ll consist of submitting a sketch to my client, then wait for their response and once they say it looks good, finishing it and delivering. I’ll be honest, now that I’ve finally received an order I’m just a bit lost on the use of the site itself, I saw other people use it, but now I’m not quite sure how to do this part myself. I’m mostly worried over accidentally marking as delivery an unfinished work that I was just trying to show for confirmation before finishing, so I’d appreciate the help to know how to do this now.

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You could send preliminary sketches to the client through the chat/message program.

Just be sure to watermark it in some way so the work doesn’t get “stolen” and trust me, there are Buyers who will take your preliminary work and cancel the order.

When you get to the final work, send that as your delivery.

All should be good.

oh thank you! that does sound like a good idea, I wasn’t sure if revisions would’ve somehow played into that but this is better