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What's the best way to promote a unique, out of the ordinary gig?


Hi all,

I’m sort of new to Fiverr and I’m selling a strange type of gig - I can answer a question about anyone based on a photo of their face. It sounds crazy but it works!

What’s the best way to promote this type of a gig?

Thanks :slight_smile:



I would think you could promote your gig the same way someone who offers psychic readings and other similar services would.

Unfortunately, I do not know how they promote their gigs or if they promote differently than the typical ways we promote gigs. :frowning:

Hopefully, someone who offers similar gigs and has success with promotion will come along and post some good advice for you.

Until then, I would just go with social networking sites, forums, blogs, websites, etc… and post in the most relevant places you can find.

Good luck!


I Think The Best Way Is Join/Post With GiG Related Discusion/Comments On Forum & Blog.

CursorCH :smiley: