What's the best way to share gig on social media?


Can anybody please briefly explain that what’s the best way to share gig on social media to get attention viewers and get more views.

Thank you


If you want to get some real sales from social media my advice is to try finding some groups on facebook to share your services. The most important thing is to find your target audience first of all and after that to search some groups where your audience can be found. Try finding some active groups, this way your message will be noticed.

My personal advice is to focus on facebook groups rather than just sharing your gig on your facebook profile or to your friends. You need some potential real clients to notice your gig, not your friends. But that’s only my point of view, of course, you can try both strategies if you desire. Hope it helped.



Thanks for your awesome suggestion


My pleasure! This is the strategy that I am also using, and that way I’ve managed to get around 150 new orders. One more tip (that’s for advanced users but you can try it): Facebook ads. Find your audience, and promote your gig with facebook ads. If you know how to do it, I guarantee you will have some really amazing results and new orders will come. You invest some money at the beginning but on a long-term run, it will worth.




Last question: Do you have any idea about twitter marketing?

I think twitter is the best platform to get new buyers. So if you have tips then please share with me.

Thanks again