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What's the best way to whithdraw your earnings?


Hi everyone, I’m new at freelancing in Fiverr and I’ve been trying to get my money for a month now. I chose the Bank Transfer option and now payoneer tells me I need a minimum of $49.99 which I think is not that cool at all… and I’ve read some bad reviews about the Fiverr Revenue card so I don’t know what to do, can someone give me some guidance about which is the best option???




Just saw your profile. I think PayPal works on Mexico. Did you try that?


I ignored PayPal because I read that fees are the highest and you have to pay for an account, but I did not try that, have you used it? thanks!!!


Where did you read that you have to pay for a paypal account?
49.99$ for payoneer is also incorrect here are the fees


Yes. I did. I think it’s the fastest payment solution. Although if you want to transfer money from PayPal to your account, PayPal charges a little. Btw people from USA don’t have to pay for bank transfer.


paypal is free account
but yes there is a fee when you receive money


I ran the numbers for myself, and Paypal is more expensive (because of fees) than direct deposit. I think it depends on how much you make and how often you transfer, though.


Thanks a lot for the fees! I got a mail from payoneer and it said Icouldn’t withdraw my money until I have minimum $49.99 I think I’ll try PayPal thanks!


Is there a minimum amount you have to have to withdraw your money? Thanks!


I don’t pay anything to keep my Paypal account open. I also don’t pay more than $1 to withdraw money from Fiverr. If you want to withdraw a tiny amount (which seems to be the case for you, as you have less than $50 and are trying to withdraw), it may be too much to pay to reach your money. But once you save up 100+ dollars the $1 fee isn’t so bad. I then transfer from my Paypal to my bank; that doesn’t cost anything. And there’s no minimum for transfer, I think.

Don’t know a thing about the Fiverr Revenue Card or Payoneer. They seem like poor options for someone with access to Paypal.


i think none
dont know if fiverr had a minimum withdrawal fee…
last time i withdraw it was 4$

and i received 3,80$ on paypal