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What's the best way you've found that gets your buyer to mark your gig completed?

Just curious I personally never ask the buyer and it usually takes a few days for them to leave feedback.

I always end my ‘delivery’ with something like. "If you’re happy with the work please be sure to leave a positive review.

People usually mark it as complete with a nice review within 24 hours for me.

I often end with "if there are any problems then please let me know. Otherwise, I would really appreciate it if you would take the time to leave positive feedback."

There are some people who simply don’t want to leave feedback but others who are more than happy to.

I also never ask my buyers to leave a feedback.

But luckily 99% of the more experienced Fiverr buyers do leave a feedback, sometimes even a few minutes after the gig is done…!

If the buyer didn’t leave a feedback he is usually a new buyer at Fiverr and than I sometimes regret for a minute that I didn’t tell him about the feedback…but than I just forget about it…

I include a document that helps them know what good feedback looks like. Here’s the document I attached with each delivery.

Reply to @nkesher:

Im new in fiverr but has been in eBay for 3 years. We do ask buyers to leave feedback. But first, make sure they are happy with your service!

hi, when you over deliver, leaving a positive feedback will be very easy. All the same, remind them to drop a good feedback for you when you are delivering your gig. some buyers may think you do not need it. so be pro active.

Thanks for this, a great thread, oldbittygrandma sent me here.

I’d recommend sending them an additional message a few days after you deliver the gig and they don’t respond. A couple msgs in their inbox may grab their attn.


I don’t ask people to leave good feedback. I feel like it’s rude, and couldn’t really figure out a way to ask. You guys all gave me some good ideas though!

I just say when I deliver that to please make the gig complete if they are happy and my clients always are positive.

I pester my customers with updates. All the way until delivery, then after delivered I ask right away for feedback.

I update them with the progress of my work and ask them to leave a review of my work and I do compliment them for their cooperation