What's the cancellation rate for fiverr available now beta?


Hey guys I finally found the exact cancellation rate is 13%. I have 15 orders and 2 cancelled orders. So if you want to avail this feature, you need to keep your cancellation rate under 13%. Wish everyone best of luck.


I doubt if Available Now has anything to do with your cancellation rate.


I don’t think cancellation rate should affect the Available Now feature. It has nothing to do with cancellation rate and shouldn’t do so.


@balacafa Yes it is Capture


I said I don’t think that it should affect the feature.


Yet I am not able to avail it. Any suggestions?


I am going to assume 10% or less.


I think so too but if we could get a response from fiverr, that would have been very helpful.


Check your cancellation rate. What is the percentage?


Like I mentioned above it’s 16% for me right now.


How you applied for this feature? please help me.


It’s this icon in the upper right menu


guys I finally found the exact figure.


Your cancellation rate is 16%?
How did you figure that out since it is shown as something like 82% in our analytics page, the percent of completion.


It’s a simple calculation of order delivered and orders cancelled.


In 31 0rders i have cancelled 1 order only and still i cant see any available now button :unamused:


You’re not the only one, don’t worry :slight_smile:
It’s on Beta testing, you will see that button when it will be available to all sellers :wink:


When it will be available to all :unamused::unamused::unamused:


This option also not come in my account
anyone tell me when i get this option available now


And why exactly is it the seller that gets punished, if a buyer doesn’t read your gig’s description and wants something you don’t provide, or alternatively orders by “mistake”? :roll_eyes: All my cancellations from the past 11 months are because of that.