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What's the condition about #CoronaVirus in your country?

Won’t be possible. It’s everywhere and affects everyone on a pretty big scale. People are going it vent.

I go out without my glasses if I need to buy something to avoid washing them. It’s an experience in itself. :slight_smile: But at least I don’t see the worried faces around me, it’s all just a blur.

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Glasses offer a little protection from the virus touching your eyes. It’s actually best to wear goggles when going somewhere for this reason. The hardest thing is to keep from touching my face. I never realized how often I have a small itch near my nose that needs scratching.

I got a plastic shield for my face on ebay, that has an elastic band that goes around my head to hold it on. It’s going to look silly when I go somewhere with that on but I don’t care.

One of the most unexpected side-effects of self-quarantine is suddenly finding out that all of your neighbours have an exceptionally crappy taste in music.

The positive thing about quarantine is that my favourite craft brewery created a bunch of new beers for spring festivals but since those are not happening now, the delivery is free with a 20% discount on every purchase in a special “cheer up” gift basket.


Hopefully you can’t hear them coughing. I’ve had one guy for two months who walks all around my house coughing every day.

Its very painful for whole world. May Allah protect us from corona. Everyone stay home and pray for affected persons.

The same thing happens in Moscow. It looks like a big dog-and-pony show here. They closed all gyms and pools and that’s it… not to mention all flights…
It’s impossible to have a test unless you are 100% ill (they take you to a dedicated hospital to heal you… with time). Masks are sold at crazy prices.
My relatives arrived from a potentially dangerous region (Spain) and nobody was interested in testing them or doing other medical things, even though they dedicated a separate airport terminal for all flights from Italy, China and other countries. They will stay at home for 2 weeks just because they don’t want to spread this thing (if they have it).

I have supplies delivered almost every day and I let those just sit before I touch them for at least a day so any virus on them can die.

Oh, my gift box went straight to the balcony where it’ll remain for 3 days.


I miss ordering food deliveries from my favorite restaurant. :crying_cat_face:

We picked the wrong countries to face this in, haven’t we? 'Cause outside of half of the world’s concerns, we also have to worry not to be accidentally killed by the healthcare professionals if it ever gets to a hospitalisation. Stay safe.


It’s that way here too. Not in every place in this country but as far as where I live, we need to hope we never have to try to depend on any doctors or hospitals. Those are beyond words bad here.

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I’m sure it’s going to be over soon :slight_smile: but as a person, who worked in local medicine for 5 years… I will do my best to solve it without medical institutions.

One great moment happened with our airlines. When I was desperate to take my family back from Spain (they simply closed all routes from Malaga, and TAP Portrugal stole my $600), our state airline offered free change of tickets, and took them from Barcelona the next day. They also took people from Montenegro and other affected regions providing clear information and without asking thousands of dollars.

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There should be one person in the home who is designated as the one who goes out for any necessary errands like food shopping while everyone else never leaves.

When that person comes in they should immediately take a shower and wash carefully to get any virus off of themselves. Anything they touch should be washed.

Same here,…but we have a curfew… only when a curfew is lifted we can go shopping…

But from today that is also banned… cause people to gather a lot together… Because of this, we will have curfew till further notice… :roll_eyes: and the province I live is identified as a danger zone… :frowning:

And the government is thinking/making plans to about sending food/goods to home from shops/supermarkets when we order through delivery vehicles…

This is pretty overwhelming…

We only have about 100 infected at the time… and 2 cured…

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So we have many states which have ordered citizens not to leave their homes. My question is whether or not those who violate the orders will go to jail. My state isn’t like that so far but will probably be that way soon.

Same here. I go to a nice private clinic usually but with the rising numbers, who knows where I’ll end up if something happens.

I hope it ends soon. They say it’s two months any way you slice it. It’d be an average duration of a wave like this.

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The thing about staying at home is that it’s indefinite. At some point it has to end. Are we waiting for a vaccine? A cure? What would it take to be safe to go out again?

At some point people are going to rebel and throw caution to the wind and simply go out.

If people can’t get food at some point better hope you have good locks on the doors.

It is. Because at this scale it causes stress and unnecessary anxiety and panic among population, that’s where all this hoarding comes from.

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It’s not this forum which is doing that.

I’ve felt this coming for at least the last year, honestly I wish I had paid more attention to that.

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892 confirmed cases in Pakistan(not 900+)

At least if everyone is ordered to stay at home then it’s safe for you to go out, alone, without anyone else around you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope my elderly tax preparer remains in good health. I’m asking her to file my taxes immediately. Suddenly everything takes so much planning and thought.

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