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Whats the correct etiqette for closing a request


I raised a work request but I have agreed with somebody to do the work. How do I close the request down without appearing to be rude to all those that bid on the project request. Just simply deleting the request seems a bit abrupt, but sending individual messages to all those that bid seems a bit too labour intensive. So what should I do? Thanks


If you hired people to do work for you, you are legally bound by the purchases you made with those sellers. It is extremely rude and inconsiderate to hire many different sellers to do work for you, and then try to cancel all those orders as soon as someone else creates work that you like.

You hired multiple sellers. You need to see those orders through to the end. After all, how would you feel if you were a seller, and someone cancelled a valuable order with you because they decided they didn’t want the order after the fact. I don’t think you would like it, and I KNOW the sellers you want to cancel with don’t like it either.


You’ve totally misinterpreted my question. I did not hire many people. I put out a request and have accepted 1. I just want to know what to do with the request. You totally made me out to be an idiot and I don’t appreciate that.


I’ve re-read my question and your response and I can’t see how you come to that conclusion which is so wide of the mark


I see. In that case, just cancel your request, or ignor any additional offers that you receive.


It´s kind of you to consider sending messages. While it´s unfortunate that Fiverr doesn´t have some automated heads-up built into the system that lets sellers know when a buyer chose someone, I would advise against sending messages for this reason: if you´re “only” a buyer, sellers can´t contact you, you don´t have a contact button on your profile. But once you sent a message to a seller, they can contact you. Which may be unfortunate too, depending on the seller.
Canceling the request abruptly is fine, at least then no more sellers will see and reply to it in vain; giving the sellers who already sent offers notice, that ball is in Fiverr’s court, I think, not in yours.


Ok thanks Miiila. I’ll just delete the request. I just thought there might be a smoother way of doing this.