What's the craziest opportunity a Fiverr connection has lead you to?


There’s nothing more powerful than networking. I’m curious about the opportunities a seemingly insignificant Fiverr order/connection has lead to.

Tell me your stories!


An opportunity to do work I love every day of the week is the craziest one.


I guess the up to now three offers of a real job :wink: , two of which would have required me to move to another city and country; I didn´t take any of those opportunities though as I´m here because I want to freelance and do an unreal job. :upside_down_face:

By the way, anyone who opens a topic like that should tell their own story first, so what´s yours?


@miiila Whoa that’s awesome! I respect your pursuit of keeping an ‘unreal job’ lmao

I haven’t had a lot of crazy opportunities come up yet, but I can feel the network starting to open some doors. So, no crazy stories from me, but I’ll keep you updated :wink:


I have a friend in the UK who spends 3-months a year in Morocco. When she is not there, she then spends the rest of the year promoting her friends business which takes people on camel treks into the desert.

A while back, I told this friend that I might be able to help but she politely refused, saying that there was this really cool agency they were starting to work with who was going to do all that for them. Then a few days later, I get an order from a reseller on Fiverr asking me to make a basic (from a template) $10 explainer video for said trekking company.

I haven’t had the heart yet to tell my friend that they are wasting hundreds by paying an agency which is really outsourcing work to the likes of me. However, since my friend is in Scotland, the business is in Morocco, and the reseller is in Canada, it is definitely one of my most pronounced ‘small world’ coincidences to date.


Help one of the famous artists in Dubai producing her artwork and held an art exhibition.
That’s my biggest honor so far on fiverr all these years.


@cyaxrex that is a crazy ‘small world’ story! Maybe that’s a good indication that it’s time to raise your prices :wink: