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What's the deadline on a refund?

I have a client who is contacting Fiverr for a refund. She ordered my gig in May and is just now saying something. What are my options here? I don’t mind giving her back the money, but isn’t it unusual to wait this long? How does Fiverr handle this? Thanks.

If it’s a paypal charge back you don’t have any say on the matter, Fiverr will just deduct it from your funds even if that leaves you in the negative.

If they trying to dispute an order that’s over 3 months old i doubt Fiverr will side with them. They had plenty time to open a dispute if they weren’t satisfied. I wouldn’t even consider giving them a refund on money you probably already spent.

I am also facing a similar issue, Buyer completed the order with a tip. now after 1.5 month she came back for modification.

Yes I did the modifications but still she says she will get it cancelled from the support team and get it modified from someone else

P.S she will get it modified by using the source file sent to her in the order (Source file, to which she will not have any rights to use if the order gets cancelled)