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What's the deal with The Math Gigs?

Hey! So I’m a Voice Over guy on Fiverr and my wife’s a math nerd. Tonight I just stumbled upon all the great Math gigs on Fiverr. So Math Tutors and Problem solvers, what is the routine on fiverr? How do you tutor someone? ON the Phone? Via skype? Just trying to get a better idea of how Math tutors function on Fiverr so I can help set my wife up with a gig.

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Hey Will,

Before anything, I would suggest that you first contact Customer Support and ask them whether it’s allowed to offer Math tutoring gigs.

There have been some recent developments in terms of academic-related gigs where Fiverr would remove them after a while due to their Terms & 3rd Party Terms.

I know that tutoring isn’t the same as doing homework and other gigs like that, which are forbidden, but still it’s better to stay on the safe side :slight_smile:


good call…my wife would be pissed if she knew she was doing someone’s homework for them in the guise of “tutoring”