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What's the Deal With the New Mutual Cancellation?

Mutual cancellation affects your positioning on search results now? That’s horrible! I hope sellers don’t get penalized for mutual cancellation, that will make life very difficult for us on Fiverr. UPDATE: It’s the same as before. Read @adsensewizard’s comments.


Fiverr should clarify this, such as how many are too many, and also they should rethink this in light of the fact most mutual cancellations are due to buyer error. This might simply be the same thing they’ve always had, only they are now letting us know.


Mutual cancellations are necessary for writers - we cannot write on every topic. There are some that are too difficult for us or do not have enough information available. Mutual cancellations help me maintain the quality of my writing.

I also use mutual cancellations so that the buyer can order again by sending them a custom offer with an extended delivery time, when they make an order for 20-30 articles. I know some sellers misuse cancellations and many buyers are angry about it - but really, there are honest sellers like us who will get affected by this. Hope someone from Fiverr understands my point of view.

It’s not exactly “letting us all know” though, is it? What if a buyer accidentally orders two gigs (duplicate)? As a side note, I can now view that having problems with your order? thing (resolution center has gone), but I can’t really see how it works. As far as I can see, you have to click through a lot more pages:

  1. resolve order on gig page
  2. select reason for cancellation. Click continue
  3. choose whether to ask buyer to cancel the order or “other”. Click continue.

I don’t know what happens after that and I have nothing to cancel (and don’t want to accidentally cancel to see), so can someone tell me what the other steps are?

Additionally, what happens if a buyer makes a duplicate order? I had a whole spate of them lately. How is that on me? I’m just providing good CS by cancelling for their error (or even an error on Fiverr’s side). Lame! Lame! Lame!

That’s not good. I am now thinking about canceling an order because the buyer refuses to pay extra for more modifications and extra files claiming that it didn’t took me long to make them anyway. Am I supposed to bow and give him everything he wants because if I cancel I might not get business in the future?


Where are you seeing this message from fiverr? I do not see it.

If you send a mutual cancellation, it says:

“Cancelling this order might hurt your business.
Learn how to improve your order completion rate here.” (Links to academy, not a spcecific topic)

So just “might”. I’ll send a ticket to support and verify what that means :slight_smile: If I remember, I’ll post their reply here!

I haven’t read or found anything from Fiverr about the change. I only became aware of it when I had to cancel a gig.

I haven’t read or found anything from Fiverr about this change. But when you go to cancel a gig, you will see the change. The two things that stick out if you cancel the gig is the following warnings:

Weaken Order Completion Rate
Listing placement could change

If you remember the good old days prior to Mutual Cancellation policy, the seller got punished no matter whose fault it was. It looks like we are back to the same policy with this latest change.

Buyer orders by mistake and cancels – seller gets punished

Buyer orders and ask you to do something you can’t and you have to cancel – seller gets punished.

Buyer makes a unreasonable mod request and you have to cancel – seller gets punished.

And so on.

All my gigs state to contact me before ordering to make sure I can do the gig, but most buyers do not read gig instructions. I had a recent order where the buyer did not contact me before ordering and asked me to do something that is not part of the gig. I hand to cancel and that’s when I discovered there is NO MORE MUTUAL CANCELLATION – THE SELLER GETS PUNISHED NO MATTER WHAT.

Back to the golden days…


Edit: Support responded and clarified things!

“Thank you for getting in touch with us. I’d like to inform you that mutual cancellation still have absolutely no effect to your account, however, this only goes for situations when you or the buyer send a mutual cancellation request, and the other party accepts it. If an order is cancelled automatically after either you or the buyer sent a cancellation request and there was no response for 48 hours, the cancellation could have a slight impact on your account.”

So it was like I thought. Don’t let the refund auto-cancel! Though slight impact does not sound serious even if one does miss it. :slight_smile:

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Maybe there is a threshold or limit.

That it sounds like! :slight_smile: Though super sellers get so many orders that almost every day someone orders mistakenly, has second thoughts or does not read the gig descriptions.

I’ve been thinking about this, and the last cancellation I was did a few days ago (a duplicate order for what turned out to be a nightmare buyer who " “a journalist father so knows what good writing looks like” and didn’t like repeated words like “your”, “that” and so on, then threatened to leave a bad review but hasn’t so far, leaving me in joyful anticipation of a bad review. I do wish I’d pointed out her original brief included the phrase “my basics are so basic that they go beyond basics”–don’t lecture me about crazy stuff when you just want a refund I’m not issuing).

So, It had changed somewhat by then. This was before it all went south and I cancelled the order and instead of taking me to the resolution center I got a message pretty similar to the one reported above. I shrugged and went ahead, and the next page had a choice of opting to request a mutual cancellation or cancel anyway. They’ve fiddled about with it more since.

So there’s some extra anecdotage with a buyer rant sandwiched in for good measure. Maybe this is just another poorly-thought out change? It’s all the rage with freelance platforms! They do have to justify the quiet fee increase after all. Just look at any platforms blog about changes–just about everyone is up in arms about changes, especially when the blogger is chirping about making life simpler or whatever.

$$$ is all this is about. Maybe it’s come about as too many complaints from incompetent sellers offering mutual cancellations to avoid bad reviews? Maybe we are just a small army of obedient worker ants? That union I talk about sometimes would be so useful, wouldn’t it?

But no, mustn’t rock the apple cart, just grumble here on the forum and accept it because that’s the way it was, it is and it will be.

I didn’t see the words “mutual cancellation” when I cancelled a gig a few days ago. Is it assumed that it is mutual if both parties agree?

Yes. From now on if the accept button is hit, then it’s a mutual cancellation.

I’m a little confused.

Thanks for that! That’s a relief!

That still isn’t fair to the seller. What if a buyer orders something you’re not selling and they don’t respond to a mutual cancellation? The seller shouldn’t get penalized. If the buyer doesn’t respond then it proves they weren’t serious anyway.

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