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What's the demand for bassist gigs on Fiverr?

Any bassists on here busy? I know it used to be a thing that a good bassist is hard to find… I hope it still is… :rofl:


Are you looking for a general answer about supply and demand, or are you looking to connect with other bassists here on the forums?

If the former, then this thread probably belongs in the ‘Conversations’ category. If the latter, then you ought to state such in your OP as your phrasing sounds like a business question and not a social networking question.

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I am looking for general answers from other bassists. How is ‘music and audio’ not the category for a music question? I asked the question here specifically to skip the likelihood of a non musician’s response which, as you’ve shown, STILL produced a non musician’s response…

You have a good point: I suppose it isn’t explicitly disallowed. My apologies for not double checking myself first.

So, on topic: ran a few searches (bassist, bass, bassline) and got wildly different result numbers. At a glance, low-to-medium demand? Hard to say. Most of the gigs with high numbers have been on Fiverr for at least a few years.

Honestly, as horrid as the BR section is, it is good for seeing demand for your categories, or some trends. As a singer/lyricist, I can say that there seems to be more demand for persons who can both sing and play an instrument, but that might also be bargain-hunter buyers who mistakenly think ‘bundle discount’ rather than ‘more specialized equals higher price’.

On the other hand, there is something to be said about crafting the melody together with the chords, for better cohesion. I’m only a hobbyist composer, but the number of “write lyrics for this track” BRs, where the track is more like a bunch of layered instrument solos is… frustrating. There’s no room for lyrics!

It’s okay… I don’t mind feedback of any kind especially if its intended to help correct errors… My gigs have all been adjusted and edited because of feedback and I utterly appreciate it…

And yes, unless a person has been on a stage or at least performed live it’s hard for them to understand how to leave space. I’ve experienced SO many lyricists in my life that don’t actually perform so their lines leave zero room for breathing. I’ve also experienced what you said about the solo-snake-pit. Music is only a conversation but the problems arise when, as people on mass seem to do, the most important part of conversation, which is LISTENING, is left out completely. It’s like a culinary dish with 45 ingredients. It could be well executed in technique and presentation but the mind will struggle to process so many variables in a satisfying way.

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With the rise of sequencing and DAWs with samples and loops for everything, sadly most people don’t think they need a bassman, let alone understand why they should want one.

That said I get the impression that bassists who can a) show up and b) play in time without blubbing open strings all over the song are in demand in Rock (particularly harder forms). If any of those people are looking to buy bassiness by beelancers I bon’t bnow.

You playing might indicate an interest from Prog metal acts who like bom ber bink bink bwamm lines to go with their quadruple Kick drums and overly fast sequenced string samples.

You can but try.


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So I should probably upload a Steve Bailey kind of tune with galloping three finger picking and arpeggio sweeps… Thank you, once again, for your advice…

If you do replace one of your sound samples, my opinion would be the second one. The middle section is good, but the dissonance in the opening and closing might sound too much like plain ‘noise’ to a casual browser. Good example of skill, NOT a good example of blending with the other parts.

The middle is the wishful thought sandwiched between my mind in its normal state… It’s probably way too artsy for this purpose and only a musician who’s ear understands theory would probably get or like it… Thank you for the feedback… I totally understand how a browser might take it that way… This was originally recorded to show skill and range along with the twelve other songs in the series to get a session gig years ago…

I delivered only ONE order here for 2 years. bass players supply here really exceeds demand. Not so many people needs real bass player for their tracks. It’s too easy to made awesome bass just with macbook in 2021. The number of my bass trackin orders has dropped significantly also outside fiverr. we are no longer needed